Eufaula Water Works & Sewer Board
840 West Washington Street
Eufaula, AL 36027
Tele: 334-687-1225
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The Eufaula Water Works & Sewer Board office is located at 840 West Washington Street, Eufaula, Alabama, 36027. Customers can pay water and sewer bills, pay tap fees, apply for service and handle any other matters related to water and sewer needs between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 4:55 p.m., Monday through Thursday. Holiday hours may vary and will be posted. Effective October 10, 2022, the office will begin closing at noon every Friday.

Sanitary Sewer


The Water Board is a municipal corporation of the State of Alabama, established in 1947.  The Board of Directors consists of five (5) citizens appointed by the City Council of the City of Eufaula, Alabama.  The Water Board is a self-supporting organization. We receive no revenue from the City, nor do we contribute any revenue to the City.  The monthly bills paid by our customers are the only revenue the organization collects to pay for debt service, operational cost, maintenance, and improvements.  We do qualify for federal and state loans and grants for some improvements.

We currently have twenty-five (25) employees that service over 5,300 water accounts and 4,200 sewer accounts.  We bill more than 4,500 garbage service accounts monthly, collect the payments and forward them to the City.  We process approximately $402,500 each month through 64,370 accounts receivable transactions. We process 1,397 accounts payable claims per year.  In 2021, we completed over 8,973 service orders for repairs, line locations, meter checks and change outs, sewer line blockages, water turn on/off, and other requests from customers.  This is an average of 173 service orders per week.

Water System

Our water system consists of approximately 165 miles of various size lines that provide water service from Highway 165 South to the Country Club of Alabama (14 miles) and from Lake Eufaula West to the Old Sardis Church Road (8 miles).  We currently have five (5) different pressure systems.  Our water supply comes from eight (8) deep groundwater wells that are 1,800 feet deep.  We have eleven (11) storage tanks that hold up to four million and five hundred thousand gallons of water for high demand periods.  We average pumping about 1.5 million gallons per day.  Monthly bill amounts are derived from water meter readings.  Each of the approximately 5,900 water meters are read every month.

Sewer System

Our sewer system consists of approximately 87 miles of gravity sewer mains, 22 miles of force mains, 36 pumping stations, and a 2.7 million gallon per day wastewater treatment plant.  Our sewer system provides service from Lakepoint Industrial Park south to 431 South Rest Area (12.0 miles) and from Lake Eufaula west to Cottonhill Road (5 miles).  We have thousands of manholes and laterals connected to these mains.  We treat and safely return to the environment an average 1.1 million gallons each and every day of the year.