General Information for New Customers

Office Hours

The Eufaula Water Works & Sewer Board office is located at 840 West Washington Street, Eufaula, Alabama, 36027.  Customers can pay water and sewer bills, pay tap fees, apply for service and handle any other matters related to water and sewer needs between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 4:55 p.m., Monday through Friday.  Holiday hours may vary and will be posted.

Application for Service

Each customer desiring service from the Water and Sewer Board will be required to complete an application for service, furnish positive identification via a federally acceptable photo ID, and pay any deposits and fees required.  The completed application must be signed, in person, by the individual responsible for the account, or the individual must have their signature witnessed by two other individuals, or notarized if not signed in person.

Whenever a customer requests the name of the responsible party to be changed for whatever reason, the customer shall furnish a written, notarized letter (or witnessed by two other individuals) signed by the previous responsible party authorizing such change and indicating how they would like their deposit credited.  In the event that the previous responsible party is not available, then the requesting customer may sign a written statement indicating that they are authorized to transfer the name on the account. Deposits must meet the current required amount if an account name change is done by any individual other than an executor or spouse.

Return Item Policy

Any customer presenting an item to the Water Board that is returned by a financial institution, for any reason, shall be subject to the following policy:

The customer’s account will be assessed a return item fee as outlined on the fee schedule, upon receipt of the non-honored item. The Water Board will place a courtesy notice in a conspicuous location on the property of the account.  This notice shall advise the customer to clear up the item within two (2) working days or service will be disconnected.  If service is disconnected, the customer will also be responsible for paying a disconnection fee as outlined in the fee schedule.  Prior to having service restored, all fees and arrears amounts shall be paid in full. No checks will be accepted after the third returned item.

Customer Billing Dispute Policy

A customer may request a formal hearing and review of their account in which the customer is in disagreement of the billed amount.

The appointed official hearing officer shall review any disputed bills for our customers.

We will not cut off service to any customer who has requested a hearing regarding their bill until such time as the hearing officer indicates in their written decision such action is appropriate.