Outlined below are the monthly read dates, bill dates, due dates, late dates and cut off dates.  If payment has not been received by the late date a $5.00 late charge will be applied to the account.  If payment has not been received within 7 days after late date, a $10.00 service fee will be applied to the account and the account may be disconnected any time after that date.  If account is placed on schedule for disconnection, the customer will have a disconnect fee of $25.00 applied to the account. There will also be a reconnect fee of $10.00 to reactivate service during working hours (prior to 4 pm) or a $50.00 reconnect fee if after working hours.

CYCLE 1 (East side of 431)

Reading: 15th thru 19th
Billing: 26th thru 31st
Due: 15th
Late: last business day of the month
Disconnect: 8th +/-

CYCLE 2 (West side of 431)

Reading: 1st thru 5th
Billing: 15th
Due: last business day of the month
Late: 15th
Disconnect: 23rd +/-


Water Charges $48.63

Sewer Charges $60.99

Garbage Charges $21.75 (sent directly to the City of Eufaula)

Tax on Water Charges $1.95 (sent directly to the State of Alabama)

TOTAL BILL  $133.32

 *Net to the Water Board $109.62

Electricity $13.15

Payment of debt service $30.70

Employee cost $30.70

General operation/Maintenance $27.40

Short & Long term Capital Outlay $7.67

Fee Schedule

Category of Service Fee for Service
Deposits $100.00 – Individual
$150.00 – Business
$200.00 – Blanket
(first five units)
$1500 – FH Meter
Initial Account
Connection “Turn On Fee”
$10.00 – Work Hours
Initial Account
$50.00 After Hours
Return Item Fee $25.00
Field Verification
Service Charge
Emergency Disconnect (Does not include
reconnect fees)
$25.00 Work Hours
Emergency Disconnect (Does not include
reconnect fees)
$50.00 After Hours
Scheduled Disconnect $15.00 Work Hours
Sewer Investigation $25.00 Work Hours
$50.00 After Hours
Customer Equipment $50.00 per hour w/out
backhoe plus material
(Installation and Repair) $100.00 per hour with
backhoe plus material
Meter Location $50.00
Sewer Lateral Location $100.00 Per hour
Equipment Relocation Cost
Records Research $25.00 Per hour
Copies .50 cents per copy
Nonstandard Water Use $5.00 per 1,000 Gallons $25.00
min per month
Delinquent Fee $5.00
Non Payment Account
Service Fee
Disconnect Fee (for non
 Reconnect Fee $10.00 Work Hours / $50.00
After Hours
Unauthorized Use (tamper
$100.00 or actual court cost

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